giveaway (and other exciting things!)

Today I am super stoked!
Why? you may ask.

  1. It's Wednesday, which honestly is like a Saturday in the summer for me, or any other day of the week for that matter. Basically it means I can do whatever I want for the day. Blog, craft, drink coffee, talk to Jesus, live it up. Ah, yes.
  2. I just reserved a room for one night at Hotel Frederick for a (late) anniversary date with my beau. And best of all I got a super sweet deal! (You know how much I love myself a good deal).
  3. I had a giveaway yesterday and I decided to give away a pair to every person that commented! That means you: Sam F., Lindsay L., Erica A. and Allie G. (thanks to your awesome hubby). Those will be going out in the mail shortly!
  4. Annnnd because we have more earrings and headbands up in our shop! Please visit! If you live in Columbia (and we can give it to you) use the code WELOVECOMO for free shipping!
Here are just a few of our new items:


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