decorating with drawer liners

You want to know something I love?
Cheap (but not necessarily cheap looking) home improvement ideas.
I especially love ones that can be completed in a matter of minutes.

So here's one I did a few days ago: decorating my old drawers with drawer liners.

BAM! Done.
You can even finish this project in the time between starting your coffee pot and actually drinking your cup of joe. And shoot, seeing flowers every morning when you open the drawer makes everyone happy right?

(Just kidding. I realize that not everyone enjoys flowers on everything).
But why not?

p.s. I used the rest of the drawer liner sleeve in Honey's little food cubbie so her food bowls don't move around everytime she eats. It's was the perfect amount, too! She also told me she likes seeing the flowers while she's eating. It helps with her digestion or something. I don't know. Ask her.

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