dearest honeydew

Dearest Honeydew Melon,

You are such a sweetie. I just love you. We just love you. You're really good to us. Have I told you that lately?

When I see you I just smile. (Most of the time).

I love you despite your brown recluse bitten head. I love you despite all the times you've thrown up as a result of the medicine you're taking for your brown recluse bitten head. And I love despite the fact that you put yourself in those precarious situations in which you could somehow get a brown recluse on the top of your head.

Today when we we were walking at the park I was just thinking about how lucky I am. How lucky we are. You're good practice for us and someday you'll be a very sweet old sister. Someday.

Love you little Honeybadger.

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