cookie coupon

Two years ago for our anniversary, I made Christopher a coupon booklet. Lots of things were redeemable through the coupon ticket, including a dessert of Christopher's choice.

He never used any of the coupons. A few days ago I was re-organizing his office when I found the coupon book hiding between a few pieces of paper. I pulled it out and set it on his desk and didn't think much of it.

Yesterday Christopher walked into my craft room and handed me this.

"Are these still redeemable?"
"Good. Can you make me some of those peanut butter cherry cookies you used to make?"

I felt a little sorry for him. During the school year I make cookies almost weekly for the students in our community group. Since summer has been in session I have made ZERO cookies.

But our cookie jar is now stuffed to the brim with peanut butter cherry cookies. I think he may have eaten eight just last night. Love him.

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