year four

Happy Anniversary Mr. Christopher.
Today we are four.
Number four has been the best so far hasn't it?
At least much better than that nasty number two.
Woo-wee, that year was a doosey!

You are so good for me and so good to me.
You are kind and gentle.
You're realistic, but you've learned to soak in my dreamy dreams.
You're patient.
You think inside your head (unlike me who thinks everything very much on the outside).
You trust me.
You let us get a dog.

I love you.
I love you in the morning (especially on those school days when you get up in the wee hours of the morning to make me coffee, every single day).
I love you when I come home and you take a break from work to be with me and sit at the kitchen table in your spot and me in my spot and we talk. And I love you when you're willing to not sit at the kitchen table you at your spot and me at my spot, but instead on the couch (even though we said we never would, oh well) and we watch wheel of fortune and eat our oven-baked pizza. I love you then, too.
I love you in the evenings when we go outside in our new-to-us back yard. And you work with that saw and that shovel and all those other things and you chop things up or down or whatever (but you never take off your shirt, darnnit!) and you work so hard for our home and then you sit beside me with your cup of sweet tea in that blue mason jar that is so girly you never would have had it in a million years if you hadn't married me but you drink it and you are happy and content. I love you then too.
I love you at night when you stop what you are doing to tuck me into bed, because we all know that you are a late nighty night person and I am very much the early bird and so momma needs her sleep, and you tuck me in and kiss me goodnight and walk downstairs.

But most of all, I love you because you love Him, because you love Jesus and because you love him your life is all about Him and you challenge me to make my life all about Him too. I love you because you put Him first and then me and challenge me to do the same. And then our dog. Or maybe other things after that, but she is definitely up there somewhere.

Thank you Mr. Christopher. I wish I were with you today on our year four to give you a big smooch and pinch your butt.

Seattle says hello!

p.s. Remember when we walked down the aisle to the tune singing Love, Love, Love, Love is all you need! That was fun.


Lindsay Cochrum said...

Aw! :) I like this a lot.

Anna Swift said...

Uhh... Precious. I love you guys so so much. I am so happy to call you my sister-in-law of four years :). Happy anniversary both of you!

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