tutorial tuesday: whimsical pinwheel branch

This afternoon I am so very excited to share with you a tutorial for a project I made yesterday in my homey home.

I'm calling it a Whimsical Pinwheel Branch. First, here it is:

Now, here's how you make it... in photos:

Materials include: scrapbook paper, paper cutter and hot glue 
(other tutorials recommend regular glue, I say nay, bring on the HOT glue gun!)
For a large pinwheel, I use 2 sheets of paper, and cut them into 4 - 6 inch x 12 inch strips (see below).
For a medium pinwheel, I use 1 sheet of paper cut into 3 - 4 inch x 12 inch strips.
For a small pinwheel, I use 1 sheet of paper cut into 4 - 3 inch by 12 inch strips.

The thickness of your folding can vary. For the large pinwheels I folded mine every inch. For the smaller pinwheels I folded them every 1.5 inches.

Once you are done you can either hang them, tape them or use them however you want. I fastened mine to a branch in my backyard and hung it above my mantle.

Forewarning: the natural lighting in my living room is terrible, so I apologize in advance!

That's all for this tutorial! Are you crafting up anything in your home lately? Please share!


p.s. "Live in the sunshine" print is handmade by one of my favorite etsy shops. Check her out. I just want all of her things! They're beautiful!

This one is my new favorite. I think I will ask for it for Christmas.

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