thrift my junk: embroidery hoop art

It's that time of the week again. I have two items left to thrift from my original plan.
I am really excited to wrap up the series. I've enjoyed it, but I am also excited for summer and something new and fresh. Next Friday will be my last week.

{Any ideas on an upcoming blog series? I would love your suggestions. Leave them below in the comments!}

This week I repurposed old embroidery hoops that I thrifted back in the day into something new and fun in the upstairs loft:

before: light blue embroidery hoops (I don't have a before photo of these)
location: craft room
cost: $1.00 each

after: bee hive & sunshine embroidery hoop art
location: upstairs loft doors
cost: fabric from Joann's (fat quarter) $1.00, felt $0 (total cost for the two embroidery hoops $3.00)

{imagine with me that this pixilatedness is a super hipster filter, 
not just laziness in using my iphone}

i was inspired by this blog with the hexagon design, for the other design i was inspired by my momma who always used to say you are my sunshine.

sammie and mr. christopher approved

p.s. all photos taken with iphone (can you tell i'm getting lazy?)
p.p.s. check out that Chaco tan line! ^^
p.p.s.s. happy anniversary lindsay and devin! 

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sam fiek said...

I really love the hoops!



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