thrift my junk: birdcage

Today is the LAST post of my thrift my junk series.
I feel accomplished to have finished what I set out to do.

Before: an old birdcage
Price: Bought at Goodwill in Moberly, MO for $4

After: Fireplace plant stand
Price: $5 for paint + primer white spraypaint
(I also used the rest of this can to re-finish a black mirror (into a white mirror) and a black frame (into a white frame). Maybe if I'm motivated I'll show you these bad boys later.

(Photographed as a plant stand first upstairs, because lighting in living room is terrible).

Honeybadger approved!

Any ideas for a future blog series?
Feedback would be awesome!
Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Favorite picture is with Honey. She's a POSER! :)

aimee bee said...

She is a POSER... especially for treats! :)

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