feeling blessed

this week i am feeling blessed.
the school year is coming to a close.
for me, the year coming to a close means no school.
for us (mr. christopher included) it means a change in the pace of life.

mr. christopher and i are both involved in our church, the Rock, which is a college-focused ministry and church. we were both impacted by the Rock when we were college students at Mizzou. so we decided to stick around and pour out as staffers.
mr. christopher is paid staff.
i am volunteer associate staff.

this means we spend a lot of our time with college students.
who are awesome.

this year in particular has been really amazing.
we have felt super blessed by the community we've been a part of.
we've felt cared for, loved and supported by our community.
we've also grown really attached to a lot of them, including some seniors that are leaving us in a few days.

for our last community group hangout we bbqed in our backyard.
(the first one ever).
it was bittersweet.
celebrating a year of life, growth and passionately pursing the Lord.
but also celebrating some really great friends who will be leaving us.

 mr. christopher bbquing
(i was a little bit distracted by his butt)
 the boys calling their moms
 this is what happens when you ask a bunch of college students who live in the dorms to bring a "side" or "dessert"
 the ladies
this year's core leadership team
 margie, me and erica
 love these ladies
 freshies: anna, anthony, and katie
these girls
 honey's bff

we are excited about the summer.
but sad too.
like i said, bittersweet.
to read more about some of the life change that has happened this year in our community group, check out anna's blog. love this sweet freshman, who also happens to be my sister-in-law.

enjoy the rest of your monday!

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