embarrassing myself

Summer officially begins today.
(At least for me).
My life has been in chaos for the past weeks.
Well, let's just say months.
Mostly good chaos. School, work, ministry, weddings, yadda, yadda.
In the meantime, Mr. Christopher and I have let some things... go.
Like our house.

Exhibit A: Our bedroom

I'm not going to lie and tell you that I am one of those people who has their home all together.
I have friends who are like that. They're amazing. They baffle me.
But that ain't me.

We have piles people.
But we have baskets for those piles, or at least time requirements on those piles.
We at least organize our clutter (normally).

But lately... even that has gone downhill. (What even is going on up there?^^)

Exhibit B: Our living room

Even the spare rooms that we don't even sleep in are a hot mess:

And the kitchen... probably the dirtiest. Maybe not as much stuff but dirty.
I was being nice to myself in taking the photo from this end:

But you know what we're doing today?

Thoughts have gone through my head throughout the day that I am lazy, selfish, dirty, incompetent, less of a woman, yadda, yadda for having an "unkept home." But i've decided that those things are lies. And that today I deserve to rest and to do whatever the heck I want to.

Which right now... is blogging.

Everything else begins tomorrow.

Happy weekend!

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