dearest honeybadger

Dearest Honeybadger,

I forgive you.

I forgive you for what you did the other night. You remember, right? How could you forget? We came home and found you chewing on my entertainment center. THE entertainment center I spent weeks planning and even more weeks after drooling over the completed project.

I'm sure you remember.

We were super upset and you were so guilty. I remember when Daddy was showing you the massacred drawer and telling you no, honeybadger, no and you just looked down, so sad, so ashamed, so guilty. And it was so cute and sweet that I couldn't help it. I just busted out laughing and then your Daddy did too and then we realized: children will be challenging. Oh, man. Yes they will.

Just a month ago we were bragging you up. Look at her! She can do this and that, sit, shake, lay, spin. She can cuddle and wrestle and be so sweet and so cute. And she is amazing! She doesn't chew on anything or pee on the floor or poop in the middle of the room! She's the best! And I remember your Grandma Swift said Oh, no. You wait. Her time will come. And I thought in my head that couldn't be.

Well it be! Here we are and you are in your terrible twos doing all kinds of terrible things. And you are learning and we (your Daddy and I) are learning and we are figuring it out. One crate, doggie treat and obedience class at a time. We are figuring it out.

Love you little Honey.


Anna Swift said...
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Anna Swift said...
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Anna Swift said...

Hahaha, Grandma Swift. I just died.
Love this.

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