[And it is not over yet]

Today I planted.
I planted thirty gladiolus bulbs 
and eight cannas bulbs.
A few weeks ago I planted four dahlia bulbs.
I am so eager for them to grow.
Some already are.

As I was planting I noticed weeds growing up.
Weeds growing in the spots I have already weeded.
My heart was bummed and a little tired.
And then I was reminded of this lesson the Lord challenged me in last summer.
And I was reminded that I am not done pulling the weeds.
That I will be pulling weeds in every season. 

While I was pulling and planting, I prayed.
I asked the Lord to make this season easier.
To take away the hardship. The trials. The suffering.
If only this season could be easy. Could be about pulling weeds that are only rooted at the surface, rather than deep below the ground.

He just told me [This season will be hard. And it is not over yet].
My heart broke.
But at the same time, I am hopeful, that no matter how hard this season becomes or is, that He is there beside me through every bit of it. That is something I can put my hope in.

**p.s. Please say prayers for my Dad this week. He is finishing up his second week of radiation very soon. Please pray that his health is maintained and that he can still taste food as long as possible!

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