unfiltered in APRIL

have you ever cut 10+ inches off of your head and then walk into a middle school classroom?
i have.
and i did today.
and they did not filter.
LOVE them.
(notice the sarcasm?)

some said, "wow, it actually looks better than I thought it would."
another said, "I don't like it."
one final brave soul (after asking how mr. christopher liked it) said, "I wonder if every time he sees you he hides that he really hates it?" Hm... I wonder. THANKS for that thought.

Either way, I am LOVING it.
And so I am going to be prideful and show you photos of muah.
We'll call it processing for me. (Seeing photos of myself with all that SHORT hair).
It's still taking some getting used to.

[ahem, excuse us]


today i am thankful for:
...a brave heart
...neighbors that bring us sweet desserts (on the reg. they really are too good to us)
...and a hubby who brought home Lincoln for date night


Aaron said...

Wow, kids are great, huh?

And Blogger isn't much nicer, as this was the captcha for posting my comment.


aimee bee said...

Too funny blogger!

Ashleigh said...

I really truly 100% ADORE your hair!! It looks so amazing on you!! I've wanted to cut mine like that for years and just can not get the courage to do it. Seeing yours is making it a little easier!

aimee swift said...

Thanks Ashleigh! :)

christina said...

i love it and i bet it is soooooooooooo much easy to care for!!!

seriosuly kids have no filter...i know i parent one of those types lol. I tease people be careful what you ask him he WILL tell you the truth. :)

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