thrift my junk

I am excited to announce that I have decided to begin a series on my blog: thrift my junk. It comes out of conviction. And out of a desire to be motivated.

You see, I am a thrifter. I am a dreamer. I am an ar-tist! (Or so I think). I see things in junk, and I make it into something new. I would so much rather have a thrifted dresser, bed-frame, or table than buying it brand new [with an exception to IKEA].

This being said I am also la-la-la-lazy [and busy!]. And sometimes my dreams are greater than my motivation to get things done. [Does that ever happen to you]?

I see something at the thrift store or at a garage sale and I think, "Ohmygoodness, I can totally do this with that!" And on a good day I do. But a lot of other days I don't.

And so those things sit and sit and sit until they get moved to the closet, then to the basement and sometimes they even go back to where they started during spring cleaning time: to the thrift store or a garage sale.

With this in mind [and because it's spring cleaning season] I've decided to be purposeful in my time and creativity to finish all those crazy ideas I had way back when with all of my stuff that's hidden in the basement or closet or who knows where. I want to be faithful to the things I do have. I want to follow through.

Does this mean I won't still thrift? Probably not.

Does this mean that I will be more mindful of the things I do have? That's my hope.

I also hope it helps me to be thankful for the things I do have, rather than being compelled by materialsm [always wanting more], as I am prone to be.

So yesterday I went through my junk and picked out 5 things that I have *dreams* to do something with that I haven't actually done. Over the next 5 weeks I will finish each of these projects and share them with you on Fridays. (My first one will be this Friday)!

Here are the items I've chosen:
  • frames! [I have a bajillion frames lying around that need go up on those blank walls]!
  • a sweet birdcage I scored at Goodwill
  • leftover candle holders and coffee ground containers
  • embroidery hoops
  • these weird Avon empty cologne bottles shaped like different birds [It'll probably make more sense when I show you]!
I would love for you also to link up and share your ideas as your thrift your junk as well. Get ready for Friday!

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