thrift my junk: old containers

hey friends.
i've got to be honest.
with this post my perfectionist/procrastinating tendencies popped in.

it's been a busy week. i haven't had much time at home. the time i have had to work on my progress with tmj has been in the evening. the evening is no good for photography. know what i mean? (natural lighting and yadda, yadda).

therefore, this led to me last night wanting and wanting and trying to figure out how i could put off this post until later. until later tonight. and then later tonight became later tomorrow morning. and later tomorrow morning became "oh, crap there is no more time."

that is why this series is so good for me. so good for my perfectionist/procrastinating/creative soul. it forces me out of those tendencies into do.


so, with that in mind, here's my thrift my junk creation of the week:
 before: old cardboard coffee containers
location: my classroom and craft room closets
 after: repurposed decorative containers
 location: above the coat rack, next to the door
 materials used: wrapping paper from target ($1 bin) and a hot glue gun

other location ideas:

And while I'm on containers:
before: old candle jars
location: craft room bin and under the kitchen sink

 After: modern glass craft containers
location: craft room desk
how to do this: cut out remaining wax with a butter knife and clean under warm water

other container ideas:

and with washi tape:

I love getting to use my washi tape!
That's all for Thrift my Junk this week! I am crossing things off of my original list.
Have a beautiful weekend. Enjoy those warm weathers this last weekend of April!


Lindsay said...

We are such kindred spirits. I love everything in your house, and I love all these re-purposed containers! Where did you get the washi tape? I don't have any but I really want some!

Unknown said...

We are indeed... this is why we must church plant together. :) [Notice that plug?!] I got the washi tape at Michaels!

The Olive Tree Blog said...

you are really great at this!! they are actually times i would use!!

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