the little things

my heart was reminded of the little things today.
and i am thankful.
for a pup that loves
for boots to keep me dry
for a good read and journal session
for homemade flair and spring smells
for growth

for colors (minus the bird poop)
for homes for little creatures
even the weeds looked pretty today
(but i will be picking them later)

stay safe and dry tonight mid-mo!
p.s. getting excited to post my first thrift my junk item on friday!


J and A said...

That photo of your pup is SO cute!!! Great post! Loved it.

Lindsay said...

Love those chairs! Where did you get them?

Unknown said...

Thanks J and A and Linsday! Lindsay, Chris got them for me at Target!

The Olive Tree Blog said...

what a sweet and simple post. it really is the simple things. (minus the bord

Lauren Vanderberg said...

this is so sweet. lately im realizing the small things i feel so blessed to have.

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