things students say

today i had a conversation with a student and it went like this.

student: hey, mrs swift. i didn't do my coloring guide homework last night.
me: okay, why?
student: well, i didn't have any markers or crayons at home.
me: okay. well that's okay because we're going to watch a video segment for part of the hour, so you can color while you're watching that.
student: ok... (pauses) so you want me to color while i watch the movie?
me: yes
student: (long pause, thinking, very serious) okay. yeah. i can do that. i've done more complicated things before so i'm pretty sure i can color while i watch the movie.
me: (laughing inside) good.

have i said before how much i LOVE middle schoolers?

because i do.

p.s. half day tomorrow = the world is my playground.

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