Dear NG/Honey/Spring

Dear National Geographic,

I am sorry that I'm a dork and considered not renewing you this year. That was dumb. You are amazing and awesome and really, really cool. I always learn weird scientific stuff from you. And your photos! They are amazing. Really. Thank you for making me feel smarter every month.

I will not forget when the next January comes around and I am feeling too cheap to pay $12 a year for you.

Dear Honey,

I am sorry that we sent you to the vet and paid him to get you spayed, to cut off a couple toes and to put a chip in your back. Talk about traumatic. I know it was. I could tell when you came home and acted like you hated us and looked so sad I wanted to cry.

Thanks for being chipper again and being so sweet to us. And thanks also for jumping up on me with muddy paws this afternoon and ruining my favorite cardigan. I think I'll forgive you for that.

Dear Spring,

Please COME!

Please and thank you.


aimee bee

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