a cup of coffee

Lately I've been getting lots of time with my man.
(Six snow days will do that).

I will not lie.
It has not been *all* pleasant.
We have fought a *few* times.
(Six snow days will do that).

But the good news is, he still digs me.
Despite my little pettiness.
Despite my stinky behavior that I can *sometimes* have.
Despite my shallow thoughts and attitude.
Despite all that. He still loves me.

And that's something worth drinking a cup of coffee over!

Cheers to your Friday evening.
We will be trying to attend a True/False film tonight.
What are you doing, lovelies?


Lesley said...

I want to drink a cup of coffee with you! Let me know next time you're in town. We just got home from downtown to celebrate Michael's new job. Elle's asleep and I'm relaxing. We don't stay out past 8 much these days.

aimee bee said...

Hey lady! I hope Elle is feeling better. :( I will definitely let you know the next time we are in SPFD.

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