reclaimed wooden art

This Saturday was craft sabbath.
We've been doing them every two weeks.
I could do them always if I was allowed.
Sometimes I think that heaven might be a little like craft sabbath.
But then I think I will be so busy soaking up how good Jesus will be in person that I will probably forget all about crafts.
Or maybe we will do them together.
Who knows?

Honey enjoys craft sabbath too.
She enjoys being clingy and getting all kinds of attention from girls that can't have little doggies in their dorm rooms and apartments.
They spoil her.
Now I know what my sister feels like when I visit for the weekend and let her kids do whatever the heck they want and then leave her in my dust on Sunday.
Kind of.

Anyway, enough of my weird rants.
Here's what I made:
old plaques from Goodwill, $2 each

a chalkboard painted plaque for my little honeybadger

I have ONE more left to chalk.
What, oh what, should I do?

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