DIY ombre stairs

well here we are again.

another snow day.
and one more tomorrow.
the Lord blesses and blesses.

today mr. christopher and i were very productive.
(not that we want to find our value in that),
but, still, it feels good.
am i right?

christopher worked on cutting/nailing/doingwhateverhedoes with plywood in the basement.
i (finally) finished our stairway.

my original idea for the stairs was inspired by this.
but as i looked more and more into wallpaper, the more i realized that trendy or non-grandma style wallpaper (at least not the good kind of grandma style wallpaper) was too pricy for our budget.
instead i was inspired by this idea and went with it. and it will BLOW YOUR MIND when you find out how much it cost.

in order to do this, we:

  1. sanded the stairs using an electric sander
  2. shop vacuumed all the dust from sanding
  3. painted the stairs white using the gallon of white paint we purchased a few months ago for the trimming in our home (Valspar Signature Premium)
  4. painted with the colors using 8 oz. Valspar paint samples for each (colors: La Fonda Turquoise, Turquoise Tint, Bayside and Sea Wave)

And get this: the day we went to purchase the paint samples, they were buy-one get-one free at Lowe's. Craziness.

Therefore, for all the renovations it cost us a total of:
electric sander (owned) $0
shop vac (owned) $0
white paint (already had) $0
4 paint samples = $6

So, that little renovation up there cost us $6!

my entryway approves.


speaking of pinterest, i reorganized my boards today. go here to follow me.
aaaand i made this interesting dessert. yum!
what did you find on pinterest today? link it below in the comments!

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