the kitchen AFTER

Ready to see our kitchen for reals?

The kitchen is the only room that we plan to completely gut and overhaul. Our plan is to re-do the kitchen ikea style summer 2014. (Or before if the budget allows). Or maybe even a bit after if the budget doesn't allow.
You know.

But until then, we want to love it as it is without doing much. 
(Since we will be gutting it anyway).

So remember, here's BEFORE.
And here's AFTER:

Things I love about our kitchen:

  • the color
  • the lighting, with all the windows
  • the built in hutch
  • the chandelier
  • the little details
Things I can't wait to gut/cut:
  • the two different types of floors
  • the humungazoid fridge that is right in the way
  • the layout
  • the old cabinets
  • the dishwasher
  • the sink that is too big for the window so that the previous owners had to cut a part out of the windowsill?
That's all for now!


Lindsay said...

Looks amazing, Aimee! No need to be embarrassed about anything...I know what you mean, but I think it's those little imperfections that MAKE a house. I personally prefer old houses with character to new ones! :)

Anna Swift said...

I love these pictures, Aimee! And your house! So much character with so much potential for so many good memories :).

aimee bee said...

Thanks ladies!

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