living room AFTER

okay, remember our living room before?
 here it is our progress after

and again before
 and after

things i love about the living room:

  • fireplace
  • original hard wood floors
  • white trim that matches the white of our furniture & rug
  • three framed photographs by photographer Gordon C. Abbott (photographs we found in the house when we moved in, just reframed them)
  • openness

things i want to change/fix up in the living room:

  • the huge frame surrounding the window. we think it used to be a big window and when the smaller window was put in they decided to leave the frame. (#idontknowwhy). we plan to put artwork or frames up on the two sides of the window to make it creative... or paint it crazy designs. who knows.
  • the fireplace. although i love it, it scares me a little. all we need to fix the fireplace is to replace the damper, which isn't too past cost-wise. but we realize that it would be safer/more energy efficient if we put in a gas fireplace. replacing with a gas fireplace was most definitely not an option for this winter but is a great option for next winter. that's what we're planning on. until then, it just looks pretty.
  • more windows. as you can probably tell with my photographs, there is not much natural lighting going on in our living room. i'd love to open up the south wall with another couple windows. this would be way more long term, down the road if we're all done with a lot of other things and slightly bored. :)
hope you enjoyed our living room! happy MLK day!

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