here goes...

kitchen table at christmas

are you ready to see more of my home?
i am ready to show you.
(i think).

but please remember,
our home is a work in progress.
we have lots of lists and have no means to do them all at once.
which is part of the fun, right?
but also part of the stink.

because, to be completely honest, sometimes i am embarrassed of our little home.
sometimes i wish we had just bought a brand new home.
a home that was easy to be at rest in.
and when i think about that and how nice those homes are, sometimes i start to get embarrassed of all our kinks.
sometimes i get embarrassed of the walls that don't always match up with the floor.
or the floor that has nicks in it.
sometimes i get embarrassed that we have a fireplace that could potentially work, but haven't put in the time yet to make it work.
sometimes i get embarrassed that some doors look like this and others look like that. and some windows are windows and other windows are windows that used to be windows but are no longer windows because someone who used to live here decided to cover them up. 
(who does that?!)
sometimes i get embarrassed of the dirt and the size and the little nooks and crannies that aren't always the prettiest things ever.
these are the things that on other days get me really excited.
and that's why i've been slow to share pictures of our home.

so as i begin to share, please remember that we're going to take things slow.
one project at a time.
some big.
others small.
(some already done and done).
but all good and fun and adventurous.
and all in the right timing.

and we are going to learn. so. much!

remember, this is what it looked like before.
so here's a little snap of what my kitchen looked like for christmas.

ok, ok. 
that's all for now.
but i'll give you more. 
i swears.

chris and i at our favorite

on another note, i just bought this amazing groupon for my favorite breakfast joint, cafe berlin.
check it out. it's really amazing and tasty and all things good. 

yummy local organic food. (like this veggie scramble).

and coffee that'll put hair on your chest. (in thrifted mugs!)



Kayla said...

I think that's how God sees us sometimes - with all of our kinks and quirks and imperfections, but still loving us and happy to live in our hearts as He helps us be more like Him. =D

mariahhhh said...

1.) I adore your house. It's really home-y and cute and has an amazing loft. I grew up in a fixer-upper and it's exciting and unique. You're gonna love it.

2.) That groupon was amazing and I am so so happy now.

aimee bee said...

Thanks Kayla and Mariah. You two are both so sweet. (And I am so glad you got the deal too, Mariah)!

Heidi Rew said...

I love your house, Aimee! It is so charming & warm! That's something a new house can't offer. Excited to see more! <3 Heidi Rew from

aimee bee said...

Thanks Heidi!

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