before photos: beware!

Well hello there!
Good evening.
And happy new year (+ a day or two) to you and yours!

For me (+ Christopher) the new year means lots of new projects in our little #swiftabode. We are super stoked about all of the little (and big) projects that will ensue and we're also a little terrified. Thankfully our plans are to take our projects slow, a little bit at a time.

More on that friday

But for now I thought I would go ahead and share our home in BEFORE photos. This is two days after  we got the key. Before paint. Before pantry chevroning. Before anything.

Get ready....

living room


[  Along with the kitchen, living room and office the downstairs also contains a bathroom and my craft room. And then there's the basement. We're not really focusing on those rooms yet, but I'll be sure to show you some photos soon.  ]

loft bedroom (upstairs)

[  The loft bedroom also has a humongous closet and 2 smaller closets and a bathroom (with a skylight)! Like the other rooms mentioned downstairs, these aren't really a focus yet, but I'll be sure to show you those soon also.  ]

[You can also look at more pictures of it here].

Didn't we say it was a fixer upper? 
A fixer-upper indeed.

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More soon!

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