fixer upper friday: 2013 swift abode goals

i love lists.
i am the queen of lists.

when christopher first married me, he hated it.
but you know what? mr. christopher makes lists now too. he's got them all over the place.
in his notebooks. on the backs of receipts. on our fridge.
yes. converted.

to keep ourselves focused but not insane with this little swift abode we thought it would be mighty fine if we made a list of all the things we'd like to do in this 2013 year.

but, we couldn't just write it down. we had to make a project out of it.
here's our #2 project in our home:

our goals include (in no particular order):

  • updating our fireplace (fixing the damper and converting it to a gas fireplace)
  • clean and paint basement (floors and ceilings)
  • paint hallways
  • start a garden
  • paint/wallpaper stairs
  • build workbench
  • build shelves for storage
  • replace light fixtures
  • get band practice area ready
  • organize craft room with pegboard
  • save money for the kitchen remodeling (for summer 2014)
  • replace three windows
  • build bookshelf with seating bench under windows

some are goals that we will do together. others are goals we will do individually. all are goals we are excited about completing this year. and excited to scratch them off the list.
(we also left space for additions to the list).

by the way, our BEFORE photos are up and working now here. (the links were broken before).

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