our FIRST home project

We've done a lot of "projects" to our fixer-upper home already.

We've painted.
We've unhinged an un-openable door.
And our pastor helped us to reframe another door that was falling off.

But those are just things that you do when you do things like we do. I guess.

Yesterday was our first "real" project. A project that involved planning ahead and creativity. With this wallpaper inspiration and Christopher's shelf building (ninja) skills, I turned our pantry into a fun, functional pantry.


I used my Nana's old mason jars to organize in a fun way. (I think I am going to chalkboard paint on these so I can write the name of the item inside of the mason jar... especially helpful for spices).

That is the first of many!

Our next couple projects on the horizon are:
1. chalkboard painting our basement door to make our "new years home remodeling goals"
2. finding afforadble/nifty wallpaper to wallpaper my stairs like this


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Stevi said...

I use mason jars (and repurposed salsa jars) to store my beans too. I just don't have a cute pantry to keep them in, so they're lining my counters. Since we're sticking around our place another year, I might get motivated and put shelves above the kitchen sink to store them. Thanks for the inspiration!

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