oklahoma bakers

this weekend christopher and i visited the oklahoma bakers.
the oklahoma bakers = 
my sis, nephews, and brother-in-law
they live in oklahoma.
we drove 16 hours in a weekend.
and it was oh-so worth it.

it was a birthday bash for my nephews and brother in-law.
it was also a home warming party for their new farm home.

ever since we were little my sister wanted to live on a farm.
we grew up in the city, so i always thought she was crazy.
who would want to live on a farm?
my sister.

she wanted a farm with lots of animals, a farmer man and six kids.
i wanted a home in the city.
a little fixer-upper with few kids.

funny how it all works out.

now my sister is settling into her farm home with her farmer man, two kiddos, and lots and lots of sheep, baby lambs, roosters, hens, and dogs. there is even talk of a pig. (gross).

but, hey, i won't judge.
it's her. 
she loves it. 
she's dreamt about it forever.
and now its real.

isn't it neat when dreams become real?
i sure think so.

bath time/balloon hanging

her country road/roosters to wake you up in the morning

funny children that are learning to spell

good morning momma

tiger lily

waking up

and these boys, they will get me always

iphone pictures are a little blurry.
can you tell i forgot my rebel?
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