st. louis

chris, kirstin, ashley, alan, & andrew @ kaldis coffeehouse

this past weekend we spent the day in st. louis.

we have these good friends in columbia (the schulzs)
and these good friends in champaign, il (the *almost* hables).
and so we decided to meet in the middle for a little day getaway.

the original kaldis
delamar loop &
schlafly's bottleworks was a hit.

a great awkward family photo @ the loop

subterranean books, delmar loop

schlafly bottleworks

more fall weekend goodness to come soon
+ more house hunting in store for us tomorrow afternoon!
wish us luck.


Lindsay said...

You were in St. Louis and didn't tell me?!?

aimee bee said...

Yes. I know. I thought about it the whole day. So sorry. :( At least we will see you in 2 weeks. Please forgive!

Lindsay said...

It's ok :). Yes, I'm so excited!

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