wool dryer balls

hello there! 

I hope your weekend has been as lovely as mine.
But it has flown by rather quickly...
maybe in heaven time won't get away from us.
That would be nice.
Very. nice. indeed.

This weekend I didn't get a chance to craft sabbath, but I did get to camp with very nice friends and I did get to spend time with my momma and chris's momma. 
It was a momma weekend, I suppose.

We ate. Sipped coffee. Fall decor shopped. Candle sniffed. Got a little heated over politics. (Ugh).
aanndd, we made some new and improved wool dryer balls.

Wool dryer balls are an alternative to normal fabric softeners. They don't contain harsh chemicals as liquid detergents and dyer sheets would, they don't cause irritation on your skin because they contain no fragrance, and they're a cheap alternative to regular fabric softeners!

Last spring I experimented with these after my friend Erin told me about the wool dryer balls she bought for her baby's bottom diapers. My experiment worked, but they all unraveled after a few months. 

(Poor Christopher had to deal with 3 unraveled balls of yarn in a very warm dryer at the YMCA grounds. I don't think he was super excited about my wool dryer balls after that experience).

BUT this weekend my momma taught me how she made hers to last and they are much better than mine. 

To make them you need: 
1 old wool sweater (you can get this at a local thrift store or raid your closet)
1 old pair of nylons (or more if you want to make more)
1 ball of 100% wool yarn

And here's what you do:
(p.s. pardon my dark photos. we did this in the evening).

Total cost for 4 wool balls $4.

FYI: They should last for a LONG time. I hear many months-years. I keep 2-3 in the dryer always, just switch out the loads. They should be about tennis ball size. They will be a little noisy in the dryer.

If you make some, let me know how yours turned out!

Have a blessed week!
(Thanks momma and charlotte for helping)!


Cassie said...

Love these...would you be willing to make me some? Let me know what you'd charge...I just don't have the time or energy (or extra money to buy new) right now, but would love to have some!

aimee bee said...

Yes! How many are you thinking?

Stevi said...

Can I get in on this too? I'm busy crocheting baby blankets right now, but could really use these for diapers & things come January. How many do you use in a load (for a small dryer)?

Chris Swift said...

We tend to use 2 or 3 in our dryer. They have been working great.

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