wedding dress + morraine park

All photos by Alan Hable.

During our last week in Colorado we did a wedding dress photo shoot. I think it was one of my favorite moments of the summer.

Back a few years ago when Christopher and I were married I remember my sister telling me about an idea she had to get back into her wedding dress for an anniversary and take some photos. I secretly loved the idea. 

Even though I already had paid to clean and package my wedding dress in May I pulled it out and tried it on again. Of course it fit. My body hasn't changed since the 8th grade. So Christopher was willing and I was excited.

We decided to shoot in Morraine Park, a special place for Christopher and me. Morraine Park is inside RMNP, just outside of the YMCA grounds. (Where we met many years ago). It also was a spot I went to spend alone time with the Lord this summer. In fact, the water spot is where I would often go and sit on the bank to read, pray and talk with the Lord.

It was a special photo shoot for us... and I am excited to get some of these photos on the wall!

See more photos here.

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