back and settling

this photo is NOT from missouri (if you didn't notice)
hey friends.

i am here and posting from *sigh* missouri. don't get me wrong. there have been some interesting things that have happened since returning home from the beautiful colorado rockies.

1. i've been eating lots of fruit. and grocery shopping for the first time(ish) since may. that's fun.
2. i ate meat. (i was vegetarian this summer) and the night after i dreamt about raw meat over and over. mostly raw chicken legs hitting me in the face like those heart burn commercials. gross. i think i'm going to continue being a vegetarian. i think.
3. i went spelunking in devil's ice box. talk about beating mo heat. that was great.

but really christopher and i have enjoyed unpacking and settling back into our little home. we've enjoyed sleeping in our own bed and making our own meals. we also have really enjoyed reconnecting with friends and family since returning home. (thanks kayla, alex, lindsay, erica and mom for spending time with us this week!)

BUT... as we get settled back in i won't hesitate to watch this video a time or two to remind me of my last solo hike in morraine park... mmm... mountains...

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