This post is LONG overdue. Weeks overdue. And it has to due with hiking. Oh yeas.

3 letters. FHO. Really FHOT. Or now the kids are calling it FHOST.

If you live in or near rmnp you know that FHOST stands for Flattop, Hallett, Otis, (Sharktooth) and Taylor, a series of mountains in rmnp that the cool kids like to hike.

5 years ago Chris and I were super cool. We hiked FHOT. This year we were a little less cool. We attempted hiking FHO but only managed to hike FH. (You'll see why below).

The wind was crazy! It was the strongest wind I had ever been in and made life much more difficult. Because of this we opted out for Otis so that we could make it home in less than 10 hours. I hope you understand. :)

Here are some photos of our hike with K:

me and k on top of Flattop (12,324 ft)
christopher on Flattop
checking our trail
christopher on Hallett Peak (12,713 ft)
with the Hyde Park fire behind him
me on Hallett Peak
Hyde Park Fire behind us
(one of the biggest wildfires in CO history)
K on Hallett Peak
Look closely! While we were hiking a new wildfire started just outside of rmnp. We saw it from the mountain peaks before we had reception to hear about it on our phones.
Andrew's Glacier
(we slid down this to get home!)

After 9 hours of hiking through mountains, sliding down glaciers and running from mosquitoes we were ready to come home. Unfortunately, by the time we got into town to go home the fire we saw earlier had caused most of Estes Park to be shut down, including the road to home for us.

So, we were stuck at this gas station and subway for 3 hours waiting to go home.
Finally, the fire was contained and we made it home.
And slept for HOURS!


Kirstin Schulz said...

You do such a great job telling a story through pictures and words! You're wonderful, friend! :)

Suzanne said...

It must be wonderful to hike up that high. i don't know if i could do it now, so love to see your photos!!

aimee bee said...

Thanks Kirstin and Suz!

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