colorado rockies

[I suggest listening to this song as you read this post. Trust me.]

Today I am feeling a little nostagic.
We leave the Colorado Rockies two weeks from tomorrow.
My heart hurts to think about it.

I woke up this morning singing a song from my dreams. I am pretty sure I made up the song. It wasn't that great. But I remember one lyric most clearly:

"Summer is nearly over... Summer is nearly over."

It made me want to cry.

I will miss the beautiful mountains. I will miss coffee at the admin. I will miss watching the ground squirrels from my porch. I will miss the talks, the hikes, the freedom I feel in the mountains.

But when I stopped to think about what I would miss the most here in Estes, I realized that I was the most sad about "leaving" the intimacy I have had with the Lord this summer. He has been so good to me. Loved me so well. He has been such a close friend this summer, my heart hurts to think of my relationship with him being any differently.

And it's funny really, because I know the Lord is not any further from me at home than here, but for some reason it's easy to think that.

A few weeks ago I was talking on the phone with my Papa. He was telling me about the first time he came to the Colorado Rockies, to Estes Park where I am. My mom was a little girl. It was a long time ago. He said that is was so beautiful and moving and he loved it so. He told me that the day they drove home with the mountains in his review mirror he cried in the drivers seat because his time here was that beautiful.

I am a lot like my Papa in many ways. I think this will be another. I cried last time I left Colorado (five years ago on a plane with my friend Breezy. Remember that Breezo?) And I am pretty sure in two weeks I will be crying again.

It is a hard place to leave, these Colorado Rocky Mountains...

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