pacific northwest: pt. 2

Continuing from yesterday, after a week at Wallowa Lake, Oregon we went back to my dad's home in Kennewick, Washington and spent half of a week hanging out all together under one.lovely.roof.

There were lots of late nights watching scary movies, followed by early mornings with little boys in nothing but their undies jumping on our bed. I lived by their Keurig, dyed my hair blue (just a little) and had some good talks with my sisters. I also played a lot of baseball and "cook me in the oven." 

Here is round two of our trip through photos:

grandpa jerry, sawyer, and dad
sawyer and taylor
diesel dan
groundbreaking ceremony for KGH (the hospital my dad works at)

david and ashley

pinata fun

christopher and me
cake face
sawyer, ashley, dad, me, d
freckle face

I am going to miss that freckle face.
And I am already missing my family.
Until next time.


Lindsay said...

You are so cute in that jumper! I love it! And you totally rock those glasses. Glad you had so much fun with your family. It looks like a beautiful place! :)

aimee bee said...

Thanks Lindsay! :)

Cherise L. C. said...

You look adorable in all! As usual. :)

aimee bee said...

Thanks Cherise!

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