Fern Lake backpacking trip

Fern Lake Camp Site, RMNP

It's been 2.5 weeks since we have been in RMNP and so far Chris and I have done 5 hikes. I have posted two of them (Morraine Park and Cub Lake). Now here is another.

Sometimes people ask us why we like camping/hiking. Hiking for us is many things. It's an adventure. It's away from crowds. It's a challenge. It's rewarding. But most of all, we usually are stunned by how majestic our Creator is, that not only did he create us beautifully but he also created this mountain and that one and that one too. So basically, we like it when He takes our breath away.

Here are some photos from an overnight hike we did last week with our pastors family and some friends. We hiked a little, ate a lot and learned to filter spring water. It was awesome.

Big Thompson River|Bigelow Tansy-Aster

morning cup of joe, instant coffee made from stream filtered water
Mule's Ears| stream filtered water
Thank you David for the hat. I'm sorry I cut off the yarn balls but it has come in handy!
Good tent morning!

We love our camelbacks!

More hikes to come this summer!

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Paula B. said...

I love the stream pictures. So pure. I am glad that you're safe and having a blast!

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