updated dress

As if my last thrifted and updated skirt wasn't enough, 
here is another.

This time it's a dress.
Big difference, right?

The skirt before: I bought this skirt 5 years ago this summer at the Salvation Army in Boulder, Colorado when I was living in Estes Park for the summer. (The summer I met Chris). I loved it because it reminded me of tetris, or Dr. Mario. (Remember that?)

**Oh, please ignore all the JUNK in the background. The before photo was snapped at our home right before we left for Colorado. All that stuff was things we were packing.**

The skirt after: Again I chopped off a big portion, got rid of some frill and hemmed up the bottom. Sorry the skirt is a little wrinkly in the photo. No iron or dyer in our cabin. :(


What are you stewing up for craft sabbath summer? 
Send me an email to aimeelaurenswift [at] gmail [dot] com by Thursday if you would like to share your crafts! I will post Friday.


Lesley said...

I love seeing your ideas about giving clothes a fresh look. That dress looks really fresh, young & feminine and you've got such a lovely figure to show this dress off.
I love recycling clothes and changing their look too.
I've cut some beige corduroy granny squares from my hubby's old trousers which I then sewed together to make panels for a cushion.I then cut up a green floral sun dress that I don't wear anymore to make a squirrel silhouette to position in the center of the cushion to break the beige color. It really looks cute.
I also took 2 of the corduroy grannies to make a cell phone pouch for my Tracfone LG500G smart phone, to protect it's touch screen. I took the green (sundress) fabric and cut a hippo silhouette with his mouth open showing his 4 teeth.
It's very rewarding to make something beautiful out of old discarded stuff. It's an addictive challenge.
I have some old jeans I need to cut up for grannies, that will go great with a torn old red check shirt's grannies. They could make a nice dining room chair cushion cover.

Zara said...

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