rockbridge state park

We are Colorado-bound in less than 2 weeks.
2 weeks!
That's about 12 days.
The countdown is on.

To prepare, my friend Kirstin and I went on a little hikeroo last week in Rockbridge State Park.

Here are some quick shots from the trail:

This little guy (above) visited us on the way back. I used to freak out about snakes, but after a year of teaching science (especially our Ecology unit) I actually got super excited about finding him. I couldn't wait to share my find with my kiddos.

All I kept thinking about was "Yes! I got a great shot of that secondary consumer! If only I could have gotten him in action, predator vs. prey style... Darn!"


Over the past few years Kirstin and I have become close friends. K and her hubby Andrew are on staff at The Rock (our church) with Chris. They are also going to Colorado this summer, and we are lucky enough to share a cabin with them. A little two bedroom cabin and the four of us should be pretty interesting this summer. Good thing we like each other.

So, that means, you will likely be seeing a whole lot more of K on this little blog of mine. Happy day!


Kirstin Schulz said...

Thanks for the sweet words, friend! I am so excited to spend the summer together. TWELVE DAYS! WAHOO! :)

Sam said...

I just got way excited reading this and looking at pictures. I can't wait to spend the summer with you and K! and hike a TON!

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