DIY wall collage

Well, today is May 1st which means I am down to 19 days until I pack up my life and move out to Colorado for the summer. Good thing you shower less in those parts.

But really... no complaints here (I mean I get to spend my summer in the mountains with very little plans other than relaxing and crafting), but it makes me realize the loose ends I need to tye up here before I go there.

One of those loose ends is: sharing the crafts/life things that have been happening lately. I have not been myself at this lately on this little blog of mine. I hear things like that happen when you are a first year teacher.

So here is something that I finished up a few weeks ago around our little home: an update to our wall collage.

Our old wall collage had been a little too much for me as of late. Too much collage and too dark of frames. So I lighted them up a bit. Here are some more colorful snapshots:

To create this look is super simple. First, grab some old frames and spraypaint and go to work. Then, add scrapbook paper (and photos if you like).

Happy May Day!
More to come (hopefully).


Lindsay said...

Looks great! What did you do with all the pictures? I love the paper in the frames, so pretty!

Unknown said...

Lindsay, I'm bad but I totally ditched the photos... for now. There is a good chance I will add in a few here or there at some point, but for now I like the simplicity. :)

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