cub lake

Today we went on hike number 2.
Two hikes in less than one week in RMNP. 
We're on a roll.
Or maybe a quick paced walk.

Today we hiked to Cub Lake, a little lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, that is northwest of the YMCA (where we are staying). We began a little before 10am and arrived home around 2pm. We hiked about 11 miles (ish) round trip.

The trip was beautiful. It was remote in some areas, crowded in others. We didn't like the crowds but we did like the preparation this particular hike gave us for future hikes. Overall, my bum, thighs and hips are super sore tonight. I think that is a good sign! 

Here are some photos from hike #2:

(p.s. One of my goals this summer is to learn the names of the different Colorado wildflowers. So a few days ago I bought a book called Wildflowers of Colorado Field Guide. Below I am attempting to name them, although there are no guarantees that I am correct).
Morraine Park
Cub Lake

Chris, Kirstin, and me

Canada Violet
Creeping Barberry
Stemless Four-Nerve Daisy
Mountain Blue Violet
most likely Aspen Fleabane?
White Marsh Marigold?

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