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If you've been following my blog for any time at all, you know that I really enjoy craft sabbaths. During the school year I take these once a week, usually on Sundays based on my schedule, and I use this as a time to rest and rejuvenate.

Well, this summer is all about rest and rejuvenation for me.

Chris and I are a part of a program here in Colorado for the summer called Colorado LT. Chris is working on staff with the program, and I am volunteer staff. Because I will have lots of time on my hands I am wanting to make this summer purposeful in resting and rejuvenating my spirit.

Rest and rejuvenation for means a number of things. Sometimes it means sleep. Other times it means being in nature. And a large portion of the time it means resting through crafting and art. No matter what it is, the purpose of the time is to allow my soul a little break and refresher while drawing closer to the Lord.

But this summer is special. Instead of incorporating one day a week to rest through craft sabbaths, I plan to spend a large portion of my summer resting in this way. And so the idea was born for a craft sabbath summer.

But I don't want it to be limited to just me, because I believe that the Lord calls us all to rest and maybe for you crafting is also a great way to rest. If it is I would love for you to not only follow my craft sabbath summer posts but to also share yours. That is why I have created a button so that we can share the link love and share your craft sabbaths over the summer.

So grab a link. Add it to your blog if you'd like. Then, when you get to crafting sabbathing this summer share your craft too.

Email your link to me at aimeelaurenswift {at} gmail {dot} com and once a week (maybe more or maybe less) I will share your summer craft sabbaths too!

Cheers to a summer of resting and crafting!

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