summer plans

Hey friends. It's beginning to look a lot like spring around here in our little home...

Mason jars + blue glass + blue coffee mugs + bird cage = thrifted
Dog wood branches = thank you mother nature


By the way. I know that I vaguely mentioned that Chris and I are going to Colorado this summer but I wanted to give more deets:

Chris and I went into this school year knowing that we would have flexibility with our summer. Since I have summers off (being a teacher) and Chris has a few options working for The Rock we began praying about where God wanted us to land this summer.

Initially we were both convinced he would ask us to go back to Honduras for the summer, where I spend some time serving at an orphanage shortly before we got married. (Honduras was also the reason that I got into teaching in the first place). But as we began to pray, the Lord began to lead us more and more to the mountains. The place our friendship began. Colorado LT.

LT is a summer program that our church participates in. Students from around the nation meet in Estes Park, CO to work at the YMCA of the Rockies, while getting poured into by pastors and spiritual leaders from around the nation. Chris and I "met" here many years ago back in 2007.

As we prayed more and more we felt the Lord softly speaking to us to return. In January we made our decision to go back and the Lord has been blessing us like crazy ever since. We are so thankful for that.

We leave May 20th and return early August. Chris will be working as he normally does just there. I will be volunteering here and there for the program, but I will mostly be resting. Ah rest.

And man does God call us to do just that. I will be resting through art, crafting, hiking, journaling, sketching, praying and lots and lots of just being with the Lord. Basically a summer of craft sabbathing.

I am so stoked. (Can you tell?)
Chris is too.

I also plan on blogging more regularly and giving more tutorials. Woo hoo! Cheers to that. Anyway, that's a good update for now. I will share more and more of my plans as the days approach.

Happy April! Happy Spring!

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Chris Swift said...

Those dogwoods gave me some wicked allergies for a week or so! Beauty is pain, or something like that, right?

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