in the summer

 A few weeks back Christopher and I drove to Dallas, Texas for a family wedding. I haven't had a chance until tonight to download the photographs.

This photo makes me excited for summer.

In the summer I get to be around flowers.
Like those in the photo.
In the summer I get to wear sundresses that I find at thrift stores and I get to go to more thrift stores.
Sundresses from thrift stores like those in the photo.
But the best of all, in the summer I get to spend lots of time with my hubby.
Lots of time holding his hand and talking and taking photographs.
Like we did the weekend of this photo.

Oh, and here's another photo:

Why are you looking forward to this summer?


sam fiek said...

okay, that first photo definitely needs to be framed and added to your photo wall. just saying :)

and I'm looking forward to getting to hang out with you this summer!

Lesley said...

you two are so cute together.

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