DIY: placemats + cloth napkins

Lately I've been dreaming about placemats and cloth napkins. I've always wanted placemats but have had trouble finding ones at the stores that are just my style. Anyone else have this problem?

So then I started scheming cheap ways I could make them. And right about that time I ran across a crazy, beautiful, vintage floral tablecloth for $3 at Itchies. It was too much for a tablecloth for me - but perfect cut and sewn into smaller pieces. That's when I began...

cutting and sewing.

Here is the beauty of my labor:

I had a lot of fun taking the photos because the fabric is so gorgeous. Lucky for you, there was enough left over to make another set of placemats that will be going on my etsy store asap (which probably means this weekend). Cloth napkins will be available there as well.

So.... cost for 8 placemats and 10 cloth napkins 
(Tablecloth $3 + blue fabric left over from this)
total cost = $3

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