valentine garland

Today is exciting.

Number one: it is the last day of January. Man time is flying by... But it has been such a good year so far. If I could describe this year in two words it would be life and peace. I have definitely been enjoying it.

Number two: chris and I got word last night that we will be spending our summer in Estes Park, Colorado and we are so excited. (More on this later).

Another reason today is exciting: I finally was able to get home before it was too dark and take photos of my valentine inspired garlands. (Chris has been very wonderful to allow these to take over our home lately).

And here they are:

These are super easy to make. I just used scrapbook paper + yarn and had a hayday. Enjoy hearting your home. Send me a link if you do!


Sam said...

whoa, old window! I like it!

aimee bee said...

Yes. Old window is a new addition. :)

Lindsay said...

LOVE IT! I'm totally going to make one of those :)

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