our bedroom

 I didn't get home in time to take photos of my heart garlands, but I thought I would show you around our (finally) finished bedroom. 

Actually, I take that back... I don't think any room in our apartment is ever quite "finished" because everything is always a work in progress around the Swift household. Things change and get repurposed constantly.

But if you were to walk into our apartment anytime soon (on a good day) you may find our bedroom looking a little like this (most other times there might be tons of clothes lying around on the floor):

Some things I love about our bedroom:
. the canopy (especially now that it is white)
. the blue glass thrifted for our wedding
. the handmade leather journal from my dad, for writing stories of my kiddos at school
. the hidden lamp behind our canopy
. loads of baskets to hide miscellaneous things (because is it just me or do I have a trillion "misc. items?")
. the reclaimed coffee tin from christmas now being used as a plant pot
. that it is unique and us and so made by hand

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Chris Swift said...

You make our apartment look awesome, both by your craftiness and by your sick photography skills.

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