a moment

yesterday i had a moment. you know, like one of those moments when everything in the room becomes completely silent and all you are focused on and all you can see is the one thing you are in awe of.

 group of my friends and i ventured downtown to artrageous, an art event that happens in columbia 4x a year. it was bitterly cold but we endured. we went from art gallery to art gallery looking at all the beautiful finds and inspiration.

and i was inspired.

i have always loved restored art. when someone takes something very old and makes something very new and beautiful and enchanting. and i have to say: i was enchanted.

one artist in particular caught my eye: jenny mcgee. what i loved about her art was that it was earthy and redemptive. i loved that she took old pieces like doors and window panes and revamped them into something beautiful. these are things i have always dreamed of doing. i thought to myself: the next time i see a window pane (that's super cheap) i am going to let my inspiration take me.

and then today it happened. chris and i were thrifting, looking for a gift when i saw them: stacks and stacks of window panes. i was so excited i almost peed myself. so i bought myself a nice fancy window pane (along with an oversized old-fashioned mirror). this will be my next thing. i am so excited.

now all i need is time.

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Laurie Sue said...

Can you send me a pic of your window frame and mirror? I'd like to see them.

I'm working on a wall-hanging quilt. Baby steps, you know, and it makes me melancholy to be in "NaNa's" room working with some of her fabric. I do have all the pieces of the jigsaw cut out. I'll start sewing Saturday, I think. If my heart can handle it.

I love you!


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