happy bday momma!

kolbi, momma and me

Today is my momma's birthday.
(Happy Birthday Mom!)
She is 50.
The big 50.
But she doesn't look it.

I made her German Chocolate Cake on Sunday to celebrate.

It was my *first* layered cake.
My *first* German Chocolate Cake.
And it kind of fell apart.
I kind of fell apart too when it kind of fell apart.
For about 30 minutes I cursed baking entirely and made plants to give it up altogether.
Then I decided to learn from my mistakes (thanks to Christopher's consoles). 

Momma, forgive me for my deflated cake.
Next year I promise it will be better.
I love you!

tim and mom
kolbi, tim, mom and corey
christopher, tim and corey

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Laurie Sue said...

This was one of my BEST Birthday gifts - along with the AWESOME German Chocolate Cake! I love you - more than the sun, moon, and stars!


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