diy 2011

Lately I have been doing lots of reflecting.
I think this to be pretty good for the soul.
I'd like to imagine that someday when I am old, gray and calm I might sit on my porch with a cup of joe and just reflect. Maybe for days at a time. I think that would be just lovely. 

Maybe there will be time for that in heaven, too.

In my reflection, I looked back at my little blog over the year with a smile. So much life. So much art. So much joy. Some sadness too.

Here are some of my favorite diy's from 2011:
welcome love sign
button bouquet
reupholstered chest
felt wedding
martha pillowcase bag
banner and bunting
recovered photo album
white baskets
baby hoop art
couch pillows
fall wreathes
felt flower pins and clips
coffee cozies
repurposed coffee tins
advent calender and more
crochet winter headbands

cheers to diy 2012 
and to having 3 months of summer (crafting)


Laurie Sue said...

The lines of your blog form a lamp ;-)!

I'm looking forward to that porch, cup of coffee, and my reflections. I hope I have nothing to regret while I reflect... I'm doing pretty good so far.

I love you (more than the sun, moon, and stars) and miss you, too!


aimee bee said...

I'm sure there will be regrets. I think we will all have those. It's okay if you do down the road. Love you too, Momma!

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