barista skills

I don't want to brag but- I am becoming quite the little at-home latte maker.
Being a used-to-be barista really helps.

We got an espresso maker for Christmas.
A cheap espresso maker. (+ bought on black Friday = even cheaper)
At first my lattes were just all right. I regretted being cheap.
But then I started messing with the concentrations of the espresso+vanilla+milk. 
I changed it a bit from the industrial espresso maker, and now- it is quite de.lish.
Come on over and try.
I will show you.

Speaking of lattes, I will have new coffee cozies to add to my shop later this week that go pretty well with Valentine's Day.

And speaking of coffee cozies (okay this is a stretch) check out this book that is being released later this spring by one of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie Nielson- author of NieNie Dialogues.

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